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Find domains according to your desired pattern and be proactively informed about new registrations using our platform.

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Product features

Query Domain Data

Search and correlate records of an ever-growing dataset of Certificates, DNS, Whois and HTTP information

Create Detections

Create Detections based on your search queries to find new entries in real-time

Configure Actions

Execute a configured Action for a new Detection match to trigger your own workflow

Meet Shadowspotter

Shadowspotter is a data platform that allows you to query and correlate a wide range of domain information. Furthermore, you can save these queries as detections to be immediately informed of new results. Allowing you to take action before threat actors do.

Phishing Detection

Find phishing domains early by looking for similar domains and be informed immediately about new registrations before your customers get phished.

Attack Surface Monitoring

Monitor your external infrastructure and be informed when a new exposed system appears under your domains before attackers find it

Threat Actor Tracking

Leverage the nature of habit and track threat actor infrastructure in time to block domains in your environment before an attack occurs.



  • 50 Single Entity Queries
  • 1 Detection
  • 1 Action
  • Domains, Whois, DNS and Certificates
  • 30 Day Data History
/ month
  • 250 Multi Entity Queries
  • 3 Detections
  • 3 Actions
  • Limited Data Export (csv, json)
  • Domains, Whois, DNS and Certificates
  • 90 Day Data History
/ month
  • 500 Multi Entity Queries
  • 20 Detections
  • 10 Actions
  • Complete Data Export (csv, json)
  • Domains, Whois, DNS, Certificates and HTTP Data
  • 180 Day Data History
on request

  • Unlimited Multi Entity Queries
  • Unlimited Detections
  • Unlimited Actions
  • Complete Data Export (csv, json)
  • API Access
  • On-Prem Solution possible
  • Domains, Whois, DNS, Certificates and HTTP Data
  • Full Data History

Use a limited version of our analytics platform even without an account and get to know the functionalities at first hand!

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